2022 Carolina Cobras Training Camp Begins

by DJ Wagner

35 Athletes Report to Camp in Greensboro 

Inside Report from Training Camp Provided by Team Reporter:
DJ Wagner

GREENSBORO, NC - Friday night in Greensboro, the journey began for 35 players to battle for the 25 opening day spots for the 2022 Carolina Cobras.  The weather was brisk for an April evening in the Triad, but the energy was high, as was the enthusiasm for the day.  One thing that was a running theme was TEAM, you could see the veterans helping the rookies, even if they may be battling for the same roster spots.  Day one was all about building up not just a team, but a family.

Yes, they did put in the work, there was a lot of group work, and with the new Ironman rules for the 2022 season the group work took on a different energy.  In normal camps, for example, you would have the WRs working on receiving, routes and maybe some blocking.  Under Ironman rules, those same WRs were also working with the DB coaches on their footwork, angles, etc. that a DB would need to know.  It was also interesting watching the linemen working together in groups where one play the DL would play defense, the OL would play offense, and the next play they would switch.

You can tell that Head Coach Josh Resignalo and his staff worked really hard to make sure the roster was designed for the Ironman rules.  You might expect a lot of drop off when the players changed roles, but last night, there wasn’t much drop off at all, and this is just day one of camp.  We gave Coach Res the night to review film to get his opinions of what he saw.  This is what he had to say “We are excited to get training camp started and after a great first practice, just like any training camp, you have a lot of stuff to work on.  Day one is more about coming together immediately as a team, because the focus is on winning a Championship, we have to be together to do that.  The QB competition is probably the best we have had in any Cobras camp, and as a staff we are excited that any of the three QBs can lead us to a Championship.  As a staff our goal is not only to choose the best player to start at QB, but also the best person to lead the team.  On the defensive side of the ball, newcomer DE/TE Carson Williams, the former two-year basketball starter at Western Kentucky, has the potential to be a household name in the NAL.  Our skill positions, hands down, are going to be the best in the league this year.  As you can tell with the theme from day one, we are trying to create the best TEAM to bring the championship and trophy back to Cobra Nation!

Camp continues this morning, and CarolinaCobras.com will keep you covered on what is going on.  It is now 14 days until the opening day of the 2022 season and only 3 weeks until the home opener so make sure you call 336-455-7232 or email tia@carolinacobras.com