A Sit Down with Linebacker/Fullback Zack Brown

by DJ Wagner

Week 2 Q&A with the Cobras

GREENSBORO, NC - We are going to sit down with one Cobras player each week for a quick Q&A session to talk about football, and life.  Four football questions and one extra for fun.  First into the hot seat was a star of the game against Albany in a 59-51 Cobras win, Zack Brown, as he had a strip/sack/recovery/TD that totally helped turn the game and give the Cobras a 22-point lead at the start of the 4th quarter and basically put the game away.

First Down:  You had a strip/sack/recovery/TD against Albany, can you walk up through the play?

Zack Brown: Well, I knew that they didn’t have a true Fullback in the game at that time so me and Big Walt (Walter Thomas) ran a twist move to confuse the FB and Center to free one of us open and luckily it was me.  When I got in the backfield the QB moved to my right to try to avoid me, but I saw he had dropped his throwing arm and that’s when I attacked.  I hit his arm to make the ball come loose and it worked out.

Second Down:  You were doing ironman before this season between your time at LB/FB in seasons before, how does it feel that the rest of the league is now doing it too?

ZB:  It’s fun to see guys going both ways, because it shows how talented a person is, and how much they can help their team out.

Third Down:  I know the goal for every player and every team right now is to win the Championship, but what personal goals do you have for the 2022 season?

ZB:  My personal goal is to lead the league in sacks, rushing yards, rushing touchdowns and winning Ironman of the Year.

Fourth Down:  Since you have made a name for yourself at both LB and FB, which side do you enjoying playing more, and why?

ZB:  I like playing LB more, because I get to do the hitting, instead of getting hit.  But I love playing both positions!

Plus One:  You have been in Greensboro a couple weeks now, have you found any favorite places yet?

ZB:  I haven’t found a favorite place yet, but World of Beer has some good food and also Jams Deli

We would like to thanks Zack for jumping in the hot seat for our first week of Four Downs Plus One, and just a reminder you can see Zack, and the rest of the Cobras this Saturday as the Carolina Cobras host the Orlando Predators in the home opener for the 2022 Cobras, so make sure you get your tickets today, through Ticketmaster or calling 336-455-7232 right NOW!