A Sit Down with the Head Cobra

by DJ Wagner

A One on One Interview with Head Coach Josh Resignalo  

GREENSBORO, NC - We are back with more questions for GM/Head Coach Josh Resignalo now that we have reached April and the start of Training Camp and the Season both this month.

We start with a question from Facebook and DaNeil Guion and it is a great question.
The NFL and AFL merged in 1966 to create the NFL we see today. Do you think there will be a merger in arena football that will create a league similar to the NFL?

GM/Head Coach Resignalo: It definitely should happen for the sport itself. Would only be the NAL and IFL and a few of the CIF teams. However, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. There are too many egos in this game from owners to coaches that would keep something like this from happening. My personal opinion is that I don’t really care what league we are in, we are focusing on the Cobras and what can make us better. The NAL in 2022 will be the most competitive it’s been since its inception.

DJ: With Training Camp starting less than one week away, how are you feeling about the roster going into it?

Res: I feel like we have put together one of the best, if not the best, all around roster in the league. Many of the players that we have are built for the Ironman rules. So that fits perfect for the way the NAL will play this season.

DJ: With the Ironman rules, where do you think the biggest competitions in camp are going to be?

Res: Man, we are going to have some great competitions as a whole in camp. QB group to skill groups to the bigs. The only spot that is set and loaded is the best kicker in the league in TC Stevens!

DJ: I know you have traveled far and wide doing tryouts, going to both Pennsylvania and Nebraska, not to mention a couple tryouts here in North Carolina, how did that work out?

Res: Worked out great! We found a couple guys at each location. All four workouts we invited some guys to camp.

DJ: Big changes are coming for the 2022 season as far as the fan experience, do you have any comments about that?

Res: A lot of great stuff. A cool one is our new VIP sections in one of the endzones. High top tables in each corner with their own designated bar. CCTG has some awesome tailgating events this season. It is going to be a fun season!

DJ: Now just 20 days until the opening night of the 2022 season, and now that game will be at Albany, which will be a rematch of the 2021 playoff game, what are your thoughts of starting back there?

Res: I felt we made the adjustments needed going into the playoff game and we played well. A few key turnovers kept us from making it happen. We fixed a lot of stuff in the off season, and we are looking forward to starting the season off in Albany. What better way than to knock off the defending champs week one out of the gate!

DJ: It was just announced Wednesday that Fan Fest is April 16th, is this one going to be different from previous years, and if so, how?

Res: A little bit, more so of location, Baxter’s Tavern, one of our new partners is providing their location. They have great space for an event like this. We also partnered with Amber Smith and State Farm for their 100-year bash. Between that, and all our fans coming out, it is going to be a great time! Sam’s Club, another big partner of ours, is supplying the food for us to give to all in attendance at no charge!

DJ: Besides the obvious with Ironman rules, that players have to play both ways, what is the biggest strategy difference between that, and usual football?
Res: Really, the clock. Closest thing to compare is line changes in hockey. You have to be able to manage the time of players on the field and their reps. Will be a lot of strategy involved. I’m looking forward to it.

DJ: Finally, now that the camp roster has basically been set, what can you tell Cobra Nation about what they should expect for 2022?

Res: Expect Cobras football to be back! No doubt about it! We have a great staff and an incredible roster. Many feel this can be the best team the Cobras have had. Coach Mike Green, lol don’t that sound weird, said even better than the 2018 season. He was on that team. I told him and others that it sounds great, but to even mention anything like that we have to win a championship! Cobra Nation, that’s what we plan on doing! Bringing that NAL Trophy back to Greensboro where it belongs!

There you have it Cobra Nation, straight from the Head Cobra! Next step and the most important one right now, call 336-455-7232 to get your 2022 Carolina Cobras Season Tickets, or you can email tia@carolinacobras.com we need to fill the Snake Pit!
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