GREENSBORO, NC - In a highly anticipated Monday Night Football clash, the Idaho Horsemen faced off against the Carolina Cobras in what was expected to be a thrilling rematch. However, the absence of their starting quarterback, Austin Schaffer, proved to be a significant setback for the Horsemen as they fell to the Cobras in a devastating defeat.

With Schaffer unable to make the trip due to business obligations, the Horsemen turned to their newly signed quarterback, Devond Blair Jr., to lead the offense. Despite having only three days to familiarize himself with the team's playbook, Blair stepped up to the challenge, aiming to avenge their earlier season loss to the Cobras.

The Horsemen's offense, known for its cohesion and effectiveness, struggled to find its rhythm throughout the game. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to put any points on the board for three and a half quarters, facing multiple three-and-outs. The pressure mounted on the defense as they tried to hold off the Cobras, but the lack of offensive support proved to be detrimental to their efforts.

Meanwhile, the Cobras capitalized on the opportunity, taking control of the game and dominating both offensively and defensively. Despite the Horsemen's defensive efforts, the Cobras managed to put up a formidable score, leaving Idaho reeling from a 42-6 loss, marking one of the most devastating defeats in the team's short history for the Horsemen.