Four Downs Plus One with Cobras DB Cris Page

by DJ Wagner

Four Downs Plus One With Cobras DB and Defensive Player of the Week Cris Page

After making his debut with the Cobras Saturday against the Jacksonville Sharks, #12 Cris Page was an absolute force to be reckoned with as he posted two interceptions, both in the end zone ending Shark drives, and then a 56-yard kickoff return for a TD to stop the Sharks momentum for the third time in the game.  He also added eight tackles and was named the NAL Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts.  We went out to the practice fields and took an opportunity to get Page in the hot seat and he gladly joined us.

First Down:  What a debut this week with the Cobras, winning DPOW, hauling in 2 INTs and the kick return for the TD.  How did it feel playing your first game as a Cobra?

Page:  Man, it feels amazing, I was just waiting for my opportunity.  The coaches had put me on IR at the first two weeks, I was a little bruised up from camp, but I just wanted to show that I still got it.  I wanted to play with confidence, energy and just bring it to the team. 

Second Down: Your kick return was right after Jacksonville pulled within 7 and look like they were gaining momentum, you caught the ball on the hop and took it back 56 yards for the TD, can you walk us through the play, including planting the kicker?

Page:  When they scored, we ran to the sidelines to do special teams, Coach Res, was like “Page return!” and I was like, alright so I went back and was just looking, and I prayed and asked God to watch over me and told my Granddaddy to watch over me.  When he kicked the ball Coach had told me to return right, when I got the ball, I looked down the field, I saw two Jacksonville players already on the ground, so I just hit it.  I had seen the kicker coming up and I was like “man I can’t get tackled by the kicker, because the guys are just going to jaw it up if I do.  So, I had to hit him with a move real quick and threw in that stiff arm and was glad I was still up and scored.

Third Down:  Your second interception in the end zone in the fourth quarter which stopped the Shark’s comeback drive.  What did you see on that play?

Page:  Devin Wilson for Jacksonville, during the game, when I caught my first one, I had seen that he did a post corner, I saw that he was trying to do option routes on me, and I saw that he was going really hard inside and once I realized that I broke on it and he made a move to the corner, so I went with it, and it was right there and I picked it.

Fourth Down:  Every player’s goal coming into the season is to win the Championship.  But what personal goals do you have for the 2022 season?

Page:  My personal goals, I have a lot, I want double digit interceptions, an interception every game I play, of course I want that ring.  Most importantly, just keep winning.

Plus One:  What is something that Cobra Nation could learn about you that is not football related

Page:  I am a cool person to be around, I am a positive person, I bring the energy and I love to help uplift people.  Pretty laid back and chill.

We really want to thank Cris Page for joining us this week on Four Downs Plus One.  Remember you can watch him, and the rest of your Cobras Sunday afternoon at 3PM as they travel to Orlando to have a rematch with the Orlando Predators.