NAL Updates 2023 Schedule

Week 13-17 Shift as Playoffs Approach

ATLANTA, GA – The National Arena League announces schedule updates for the remainder of the 2023 regular season. After the removal of the Albany Empire, and now funding issues with the Fayetteville Mustangs franchise, the NAL has reworked the remaining regular season games for 2023.

League officials have been in talks with Mr Twadell concerning his team and the remaining 2023 schedule. “We were informed by Fayetteville Mustangs owner Robb Twadell that he was unable to fulfill his financial obligations to his players, coaches and for team travel” stated Commissioner Siegfried “Due to the teams hardships and the fact that Mr Twadell gave us no reasonable option for the Mustangs to continue, the NAL team owners voted to remove Fayetteville from the remaining 2023 schedule.”  Fayetteville will be ineligible for the 2023 NAL Playoffs.  The league will begin exploring options in Fayetteville for 2024.

Week 13
Saturday, July 1st
West Texas Warbirds @ Carolina Cobras
San Antonio Gunslingers @ Orlando Predators
Bye: Jacksonville Sharks

Week 14
Saturday, July 8
Carolina Cobras @ West Texas Warbirds
Jacksonville Sharks @ Orlando Predators
Bye Week: San Antonio Gunslingers

Week 15
Saturday, July 15
Orlando Predators @ Jacksonville Sharks
San Antonio Gunslingers @ Carolina Cobras
Bye Week: West Texas Warbirds

Week 16

Saturday, July 22
Carolina Cobras @ San Antonio Gunslingers
West Texas Warbirds @ Jacksonville Sharks
Bye: Orlando Predators

Week 17
Saturday, July 29
Orlando Predators @ West Texas Warbirds
Jacksonville Sharks @ Carolina Cobras
Bye: San Antonio Gunslingers

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