Training Camp Report: Day 4

by DJ Wagner

Inside Cobras Training Camp by Team Reporter DJ Wagner

GREENSBORO, NC - Training Camp Day Four Report, Here Come The Pads

Finally, some warmer weather for the 2022 Carolina Cobras as training camp practice number four was tonight, and it was the debut of the team in pads.  The energy matched the moment as people were flying all over the field.  Tonight had a totally different vibe than the previous three days, as you can tell the competition to make the roster is certainly heating up.  The players are doing everything they can to be noticed both on the field and on the film.  There was a lot more popping and a lot more pep tonight.

After the warmups there was a change of pace in the work going on, needless to say with the pads on, it was much easier to have more contact and DB Coach Michael Green wasted no time working with the DBs and WRs on proper tackling techniques and how to wrap up, and if any one knows how to lay a hit, it would be the multiple time winner of the Carolina Cobras Hit of The Week.

From there we went into four-on-four action where this time the offense had the upper hand, with Jonathan Bane the highlight of the three QBs completing quite a few nice passes to Kendrick Ings, DJ Myers and Jalen Rima.  After that it was the first time the Cobras went eight on eight and the defense did dominate that period of practice, keeping things tight and under control for the most part for that session.

Head Coach Josh Resignalo was pretty happy at the end of the practice and had this to say about the day “Little bit different than the first couple days when you put the pads on.  So, now it is just a matter of getting the time down with stuff and getting everyone on the same page across the board.  It is a little bit different when you are just going on air (no contact) or skeleton (light pads).  We definitely have some film to study and get guys on the same page, but other than that, day four, a lot of excitement brewing around and we are looking forward to the rest of the camp.”

Now only four nights of practice left in the 2022 Cobras Training Camp, with the Cobras Fan Festival this Saturday from 2-6pm at Baxter’s Tavern in Greensboro.  Come pick up your season tickets, with free food from Sam’s Club and the event is sponsored by State Farm agent Amber Smith as State Farm is also celebrating 100 years!  It is going to be a great event and you still have time to order season tickets, the home opener is April 30, just call 336-455-7232 or email You do not want to miss a minute of this 2022 Season!!