Training Camp Report: Day 6

by DJ Wagner

First Cuts Made as the Week Pushes Forward 

Training Camp Report

Provided by Team Reporter:

DJ Wagner



After a delayed start due to some passing rain, it was back to the practice field tonight for your Carolina Cobras.  With only two practices left, and six more people who have to be cut to make the final 25, tensions were a bit high tonight.

Tonight, after the usual warmups there was a change of pace as the team worked on installing some new plays, it was a fast-learning curve, but the players were quick to pick things up and that flowed really well.

When the individual drills began you could tell everyone was pushing to try just a little bit harder, to make sure they got the right kind of attention from the coaching staff.  They are going to make this decision really hard on the coaching staff for sure.  From there we went to four on four, Jonathan Bane was first up at QB, and he was sharp, including a one-handed catch in the corner of the end zone to Kendrick Ings and great pass into the end zone to Lance Evans, who continues to make plays in this camp.  Bane finishes his first round going four for four.  Next up was Dennis Harvila and he also goes four for four with completions to Ings, Evans, and twice with Terrance McIntyre.  Jerod Evans was up next, and he went three for four, with completions to Ings and connecting twice with DJ Myers, including a beautiful deep ball for a Touchdown.  So, in round one of four on four the QBs went a combined 11 for 12.  

The next round through the QBs, Bane went three for four, connecting twice with Evans for Touchdowns.  Harvilla was four of four again, connecting with Ings, Myers and twice to Adam Smith.  Next up was four-on-four in the red zone.   Bane overthrew the first pass, his next pass was good to McIntyre for a TD, his third pass was good, but Ings could not get in, and on his final attempt he was good with Evans for the TD.  Harvilla was up next, and he started off going back shoulder connecting with Myers, his next two passes were complete to Adam Smith, but both times he was kept out of the end zone, and then the same thing happened when Ings coming up short of the end zone.  Evans came on on to QB, and the DBs locked down, he ran out of time and basically had to throw the ball away on the first play.  His second and third pass was to Lance Evans and Jerimiah Stovall was there to break up the attempt, the DBs were playing very tight and not really leaving anything open. His final pass attempt was to McIntyre but broken up in the back of the end zone by Cam Ellis.

Eight-on-Eight begins, and Bane is back in at QB, his first attempt, which would have been a sack by Carson Williams, turns into a completion to Adam Smith.  Pass attempt number two is Bane threading the needle on a great pass to DJ Myers who takes it in for the TD.  Next up was a great run by Zack Brown.  Bane’s final attempt he overthrew Kendrick Ings in the corner of the end zone.  Harvilla was up next and on his first attempt Zack Brown pulls it down with one hand on the sideline and takes it in for the TD, it was a thing of beauty from Brown.  The defense tightened up, causing an overthrow, what would have been another sack by Williams, and then he had to throw the ball away on his last play.  Evans came in at QB with three completions to Lance Evans, a missed connection with Zack Brown.  That wraps up day seven of the 2022 Cobras Training Camp.

We turned to Head Coach Josh Resignalo for comments and asked him how the team was looking, he said “Good, we are at the point now, like I said when we broke down, anyone here can help us win right now, but we can only keep 25.  So, we have some tough decisions to make, that has been the same thing each day.  We have not made anymore cuts yet, so we are evaluating and seeing where we are at.  We have a couple more practices Friday and Saturday, we might get in a little controlled scrimmage tomorrow amongst ourselves and the final practice will be Saturday morning and then we have events coming up with the Cobras Fan Festival and going on downtown with Extravaganza with Downtown Greensboro, and then we are game planning for Albany, so we have a lot of great stuff going on.  It’s exciting, this is the part we are here for, to make the final decision.”

So the clock is ticking Cobra Nation, time to make sure you come see us at Cobras Fan Fest Saturday from 2-6pm and Baxter’s Tavern, and make sure you call NOW and get your season tickets.  336-455-7232 or email because you do not want to miss a second of the action!